A well-insulated lower level is a critical component to a comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy building. However, many structures and homes in the greater St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Minneapolis area aren’t properly insulated.

Crawl Space with Vapor Barrier

Crawl Space Encapsulation

For crawl space floors, we often recommend a reinforced plastic vapor barrier across the entire surface and partway up each wall, this stops unwanted moisture from entering your house and affecting humidity levels. Also, by trapping the moisture in the dirt this will dramatically reduce the risk of mold and improve indoor air quality. To complete the encapsulation, spray foam is used around the walls to lock the vapor barrier in place.

Crawl Spaces: Did You Know?

Many homes of years past had vented crawlspaces. This was in an effort to vent away the problem of ground moisture and was not the right solution. Like everything we do at RetroGreen Energy, we actually get to the root of the issues and understand the science of the building to make sense of not just how, by why we fix things the way we do.

Injection foam Block Wall

Injection Foam Foundation Insulation

For homes with basements or foundations that lack insulation we can inject RetroFoam insulation into the block cavities through a 5/8" hole. The foam fills all cracks and cavities within the block. This dramatically improves the durability and thermal performance, which boosts comfort and energy efficiency.


Foundation Insulation: Did You Know?

The University of Minnesota conducted research in 2015 on un-insulated foundation blocks in homes and found that up to 15% of energy can be wasted in poorly insulated foundations. Injecting the block foundation of homes can eliminate convection currents in the empty block walls that can create moisture and cold, uncomfortable basements.

Rim joist Air Sealed

Rim Joist Air Sealing

The rim joist is the border around your house between the first floor and basement or crawl space. Proper insulation and air sealing of the rim joist is crucial for reducing air leakage and heat loss as well as pest and rodent infiltration.


Rim Joist: Did You Know?

The rim joist area is where the floor joists on the main floor of the house rest on the foundation. This is also the easiest spot for both air leakage and pests like mice and spiders to come into your home. To keep these unwanted pests out of your basement removing the existing fiberglass is a must, and replacing it with closed cell polyurethane spray foam to permanently seal out air and pests. In fact, it is now mandatory for all new homes built in Minnesota to have their rim joist insulated with spray foam insulation.

RetroGreen: Foundation & Crawl Space Insulation Experts

Choosing a BPI-certified contractor for these important areas of your house is key. At RetroGreen, we apply building science to the job, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient now and for the future.

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Basement insulation is crucial for energy savings and home comfort.

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