The significance of your attic in overall home efficiency

During Central Minnesota winters, a warm attic produces ice dams and represents a major loss of heat in most homes. This is heat that you are paying for when the furnace is running. You will also notice decreased comfort in your home as heated air escapes through the attic, pulling cold air into the living spaces.

Proper attic insulation and complete air sealing is the solution

A complete thermal envelope separates every conditioned interior space of your home from outdoor and unconditioned spaces (such as your garage and attic) with a layer of insulation. Every thermal envelope is different. RetroGreen Energy assigns a BPI-certified professional to design and define the ideal thermal envelope for every home.

Bulk insulation does not complete the thermal envelope

Compare your home to a container in your kitchen. A typical home with average or below average insulation is like a strainer. The spaghetti stays in the bowl, but liquid and air flows through. A home with a complete thermal envelope is like a plastic container with a sealed lid, holding the good stuff in and holding everything else out.

You will not have a sealed thermal envelope without advanced air sealing

Bulk insulation – including RetroFoam, spray foam and any existing insulation like fiberglass – is an important part of the thermal envelope. Surprisingly, many homes do not even have this type of insulation defining the boundary. However, even with bulk insulation, you need air sealing to make the insulation effective.

We perform detailed air sealing in every attic space we work on. That's how we can guarantee insulation improvement.

Types of insulation material we use in attics

  • Cellulose insulation. In order to effectively and economically achieve the EPA-recommended R-50 level of attic insulation, we cover the entire attic with Weatherblanket blown cellulose. Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper specially treated to be mold resistant, fire resistant, safe and effective. Using cellulose diverts tons of wastepaper from landfills which makes it an environmentally conscious option.
  • Spray foam insulation. RetroGreen Energy uses InsulBloc seamless spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF insulation) in attics. This is a highly versatile, closed-cell, spray-in-place foam insulation with outstanding air barrier and moisture barrier qualities. It is sprayed on as a liquid and expands within seconds to form a seamless barrier that fills and seals the entire attic floor. 

Duct insulation and attic hatches

RetroGreen Energy can also thoroughly insulate your ducts with spray foam so the system efficiently moves the heat from your furnace to your rooms. It is very common for uninsulated ducts to run through unconditioned areas such as the attic. This is inarguably poor design. What happens is the heat running through these ducts is heating your attic (bad!) and not heating your home (double bad). 

Overlooking nothing, we also properly insulate your attic hatch. There is no point to insulating and air sealing if your attic hatch leaks. We are attentive to this detail by fully insulating and sealing the attic hatch. Some older homes do not have an attic access. We are able to build an attic access if you don’t have one. This not only facilitates our work but also makes possible any future projects that require attic access.

Ventilation in your Attic is important

Proper air flow in you attic is important to prevent ice dams and properly exhasut moisture in to attic in the wintertime. Inversly in the summer time, Attic temperature can reach 140 degrees and poorly ventilated attics can allow that heat to drive into the house and force your air conditioner to work overtime. ventilation diagram in winter

The RetroGreen process for attic insulation

From start to finish, here's how the entire process works:

Step 1: We use specialized vacuums to remove old insulation directly to the dumpster
Step 2: Professional spray-foam installers cover the seal open bypasses and construction joints with spray foam
Step 3: Cellulose insulation is blown over the entire attic to effectively and economically insulate the area to R-50

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Insulation provides a thermal barrier for your home, helping slow heat transfer to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Over time, however, most insulation types lose their effectiveness and need to be replaced in order to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

Why Does Insulation Need to be Removed?

There are three main reasons to have your attic’s insulation removed, including:

You don't live in your attic, so don't waste energy heating and cooling it!

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