RetroGreen Energy measures its success through the projects we have completed. The list is long, but here is a small sample!

The old historical building in which the Elmdale co-op was located was quickly deteriorating. Parts of it were no longer functional for their intended use. RetroGreen Energy was brought in to help:

  • Save the co-op money on astronomical utility bills

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Did you ever see the “icicle show” at the Federated Church? The icicles occurred following roof snowmelt and subsequent freezing and grew to be as long as 6 feet hanging from the edge of the roof. Some of these icicles were massive and if they broke off and hit you, it could’ve been disaster. Well... Read More

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For many people living in and around the Minneapolis and St. Cloud area, spring is the time of year that signifies long, warmer days. Some, however, associate the spring months with an onslaught of... Read more