Blower Door Testing For New Home Construction

Blower door testing is now required for all new home construction in Minnesota before occupancy is given to remain compliance for the new energy code. Contractors or homeowners acting as a general contractor must have this test completed by a BPI or resnet certified building performance technician.

The Correct time to have RetroGreen Energy preform a blower door test to a house still under construction is after sheetrock is hung and all windows, doors are installed. The purpose of the blower door is to test how tight the building is, and identify where leaks are by using other testing equipment like a smoke puffer or thermal imaging camera. To find the allowable amount of air leakage per house is unique to each individual house, we must multiply our CFM 50 times 60 and divide that by the total volume of the house to get to the 2.6 or under ACH(Air Changes per Hour) to be compliant. 

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