Blower Door Test St. Cloud Minnesota

Blower Door testing can be used as a air leakage detection device for both residential and commecial buildings. In this Photo above Chris Froelke the Founder of RetroGreen Energy is preforming a blower door test on a church in Minneapolis Mn.

Blower door testing is now mandatory for the new building code.

Blower test must be preformed by a certified professional, these test are crucial to ensure that your builder or remodeler is not hiding air leaks behind sheet rock. Another classic issue that can be revealed through blower door testing is the merging of a new addition to the original structure. This construction joint is often unsealed and can cause moisture to accumulate making insulation wet and drastically reduce performance. Have you ever gotten sweaty outside in the winter time then stopped moving? Yep,  you get cold really quick. Insulation in your home reacts the same to moisture, it gets cold and moves heat faster through the thermal envelope. 

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