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For many people living in and around the Minneapolis and St. Cloud area, spring is the time of year that signifies long, warmer days. Some, however, associate the spring months with an onslaught of seasonal allergies, and these individuals are currently in the throes of constant headaches and sneezing. Escaping to the indoors is often thought of as a solution, but what if your home is actually letting unwanted allergens make your life more difficult without you even knowing about it?

Attis insulation in Central Minnesota. This is a critical component to keeping you house warm and efficient throughout the year

Although it’s an area you probably don’t give much thought to, your attic is an important part of your home. How can you take care of it to ensure you experience year-round comfort and savings?

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing

Most homes in the St. Cloud, MN area have hundreds of cracks and gaps that quickly add up. These holes leak warm air during the winter and allow hot air to enter during the summer. Sealing these leaks will help keep air where it belongs.

House with insulation wrapped around it in Twin Cities Minnesota, home of RetroGreen Energy

For those who have lived in Minnesota for even a short period of time, it’s no secret that our state is subject to temperature and weather extremes. Twin Cities residents owe it to themselves to do whatever possible in order to keep indoor temperatures consistent no matter how warm or cold it gets outside, and it all starts with having proper insulation in your home.

Icicles hanging from roof of home representing a potential ice dam in Minnesota

It’s fall in Minnesota, and Minneapolis/Saint Cloud homeowners can get a lot of mileage out of taking the next few weeks to prepare for the winter weather that is ahead. One of the most common concerns among area homeowners is the issue of ice dams, which can cause a great deal of roof damage. In many homes, ice dams are a yearly concern that never seems to go away.

Rather than dealing with them when they occur, taking the time to stop ice dams before they start is the best way to keep your home from suffering damage this winter.

Minnesota home attic hatch

Fall is here in Minneapolis and Saint Cloud, MN. For many, it’s the time of year to reflect upon the fun of summer and start thinking about preparing for the cold winter months ahead. This is especially true for homeowners in the area, who must take advantage of the short window of time left before the snow starts falling. From heating maintenance to replacing old windows and doors with new, energy-efficient versions, there are countless home upgrades that can be made during the fall to ensure a more comfortable winter.


Cellulose insulation in the attic being inspected by a worker in the Minneapolis MN area

Although you probably know just how important insulation is here in the Saint Cloud and Twin Cities area, you might not be aware of the common mistakes which inhibit its effectiveness. Our Minnesota winters are tough, but even during the summer it’s imperative that your home’s insulation is properly installed to guarantee you’re reaping all of its benefits, such as true energy efficiency.

So how can you ensure your home is making the most of its insulation? Start by avoiding these 4 common insulation mistakes:

heat transfer can affect homes in minneapolis and saint cloud minnesota

Many people who live in the Minneapolis and St. Cloud area believe that the main purpose of insulation is to keep their homes warm in the wintertime when the snow is falling. While this is true, it overlooks the fact that insulation is just as important during the summertime as it is in the winter. Why? The simple answer boils down to one thing: heat transfer.

To understand exactly how insulation works, it helps to also have an understanding of heat transfer—here’s what you need to know.

house with papers surrounding indicating paying bills

The moment the summer weather starts to set in here in the Twin Cities, many residents immediately reach for their thermostats and start lowering them by at least a few degrees. While extensively running our HVAC systems can keep our homes cool, it can also result in a noticeable increase in our monthly energy bills. Many homeowners don’t realize that there are a number of things that can be done to reduce monthly cooling costs and to make an AC unit more effective, resulting in a more comfortable home environment for a fraction of the cost.

Family in front of home in minnesota

Summer is right around the corner here in the Minneapolis and St. Cloud, MN areas, and many residents are doing everything they can to ensure that they’re ready for the hot weather to come. While AC maintenance or purchasing brand new cooling systems are both effective ways to prepare, one important aspect of home cooling that often gets overlooked is insulation. If you think it’s just for winter, you’re not alone.

house with a missing piece

Crawl spaces are extremely common in the Minneapolis and St. Cloud areas, yet they often go ignored by homeowners who are looking to enhance home performance and energy efficiency. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the majority of “fresh air” that characterizes a home is brought in through tiny cracks, gaps and air leaks in the home envelope.