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Comfort, Energy Savings, and Improved Indoor Air Quality...Guaranteed

RetroGreen Energy is Minnesota's specialty insulation contractor. We focus on using high performance insulation and building science to improve home performance and energy efficiency. Our work encompasses all types of existing buildings including residential, multi-unit residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial buildings.

As an independent family-owned business, we take pride in our work, reputation and relationships. By offering only the highest quality home performance solutions, we can GUARANTEE improved comfort and lower utility bills.

Our process involves retrofitting existing buildings with an insulation system that keeps 72 degree air inside, and Mother Nature’s air outside. We do this with energy auditing, RetroFoam injected insulation, spray foam insulation, blown cellulose insulation, Indow Windows and other services.

Increase Value & Make Your Home Easier to Sell if You Retrofit Today!

Many people put off making energy efficiency upgrades because they want to pass the buck to the next guy... how foolish. According to The Appraisal Journal, for every 1 dollar saved per year in energy projects you will gain $20 dollars in the value of the house. For example, $500 in annual savings can equal $10,000 in increased property value. And yes, your house will be easier to sell now because it is more comfortable and safer than the rest of the market.

For Consumers, Community & Earth

We are valuable to consumers by providing an opportunity to save money on energy and improve indoor thermal comfort, with numerous other benefits.

We are valuable to the community through our participation in community organizations and also as a comfortable and rewarding workplace for our employees.

We are valuable to Earth by improving home and building efficiency and durability, which conserves fossil fuels and other resources.

RetroFoam Injection Foam Insulation

RetroFoam injection foam insulation does what other insulation materials can't -- it's a real problem-solver. Homeowners benefit from this product's very high R-value, its ability to fill a space and the way it molds itself around any obstacle. RetroFoam is the perfect choice for any project that has an open wall, floor or ceiling cavity.

Attics and Crawlspaces

A complete thermal envelope separates every conditioned interior space of your home from outdoor and unconditioned spaces (such as your crawlspace and attic) with a layer of insulation. Every thermal envelope is different. RetroGreen Energy assigns a BPI-certified professional to design and define the ideal thermal envelope for every home.

  • RetroGreen Energy did a wonderful job preserving our siding and we have seen a dramatic decrease in our energy bills.

    Adam, Foley, MN
  • The gentleman that came out to give us an estimate was very helpful in every way and was very understanding about what we wanted. I would recommend them to anyone that needs work done.

    Russell W., Alexandria, MN
  • Very professional, on time, very informative about what he was going to do. Diagnosed the problem we had with heat loss. After the job was completed, kept in touch with us and explained what they had done.

    Ron K., Isle, MN
  • It was worth every penny! They were excellent. They were neat, nice, tidy and just a pleasure to have. Super nice people. They bent over backwards to meet our needs. I just can’t say enough. These guys are fabulous!

    Roxanne, St. Cloud, MN
  • Highly recommend this company. Quality work and FAST! Savanna, Sam & Ruth made the whole process easy and effortless. Thank you, thank you.

    Andrea R., Brainerd, MN
  • I would recommend RetroGreen Energy!

    Doug F., St. Cloud, MN
  • It was great working with you, Chris. Your staff did an exceptional job. We are very happy!

    Kathy W., Benson, MN
  • Sam was a great first contact -- very informative.
    Jennifer Ketterling, Minneapolis, MN
  • This was a good experience from start to finish
    Mike Burakowski, Golden Valley, MN
  • A big thank you to Nick and the crew of men who came to our place the evening of 12-6-16 to blow insulation into our attic. They had a very long day in Sturgeon Lake with unexpected surprises that added 3 hours to the job.
    Ron & Alice Winn, Brook Park, MN
  • Great Company!

    Great company - Excellent employees!

    David M., Mounds View, MN
  • They have been fantastic!

    I have used RetroGreen twice and they have been fantastic! From the scheduling to the actual work, the process was efficient. And, in addition, Ruth was great. When my rebate was rejected twice by Xcel, she went to bat for me and it was finally accepted. My energy costs are noticeably lower.

  • Great service and communication

    Great service and communication. House feels soooo much better now that it's cold outside!

  • My home felt warmer and less drafty

    From day 1 of the installation, my home felt warmer and less drafty. So glad it was done prior to the subzero temps.

    Patty M., Maple Grove, MN
  • Above and Beyond

    The installers went above and beyond. They checked to make sure my bathroom fan worked and they made sure the fan cover laid flat. They also swept the garage. I was very pleased. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Lanora J., St. Cloud, MN
  • Great job

    RetroGreen Energy did a great job. I can already feel a temprature difference than what we had before.

    Jacklyn B., St. Cloud, MN
  • Great to Work With

    The crew is great to work with.

    Per C. & Mike H., Minneapolis, MN
  • Knowledgable, Flexible & Easy to Work With

    Great company. Knowledgable. Flexible. Easy to work with. Excited to have more done in the future!

    Jordan K., Saint Louis Park, MN
  • Very Good Job

    You did a very good job and cleaned up well. Thanks for house pictures showing the process.

    Ben & Jeanette L., Freeport, MN
  • Impressed with Crew

    I was impressed with your crew. Thanks. They worked hard.

    Mark L., Danbuy, WI
  • Warmer Already

    House feels warmer already.

    Dale & Karen K., Clear Lake, MN
  • Put Us At Ease

    We had been wanting to insulate those walls but was apprehensive with the thoroughness of wall filling - seeing the process and sample put us at ease. The knowledge and courteous salesman and crew were great. The process was easier than I expected.

    Sherry, Brian & Tomi J., Rush City
  • Professional & Friendly

    All involved were professional & friendly.

    Bernard & Amanda S., Blaine, MN
  • Very Well Informed and Friendly

    The crew was on time and check with us as to which door to use for testing. They kept us well informed on what would be done and when they were doing every step. They kept the area clean and there was no mess left behind when they finished the job.

    Gregory & Kiem R., Osseo, MN
  • Very Happy with the Whole Experience

    We were very happy with the whole experience. They came on time - had a well arranged group & cleaned everything up very well.

    Hartley E., Bloomington, MN
  • Thank You So Much!!!

    For the first time in YEARS our house maintained the same temperature ALL night when we turned the air conditioner off at about 11:00 p.m. We used to wake up at 3:00 a.m. with the room temperature at 80 plus degrees!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Boot Shack, St. Cloud, MN
  • Easy to Work With

    Everyone was easy to work with and friendly!!

    Angie L., Belgrade, MN
  • Very Happy with Installation Process

    Everyone was attentive, answered my questions, and accomodated my request. I am very happy with the installation process.

    Anna S., Shorewood, MN
  • Very Happy

    The RetroGreen Energy crew showed up right on time and proceeded to get to work. They took the time to answer any questions I might have and explained the process as they went along. They got the job done in about 6 hours and that includes clean-up. Very happy with the entire experience.

  • Very Impressed

    The guys did a great job of explaining what they were doing. They answered any questions I may have had. When the job was done they did a great job of cleaning up the work site. Very impressed.

    Nathan Z., Prairie, MN
  • Amazing Process

    This was an amazing process that totally changed the way we feel about the cabin - new clean insulation - feels dry and warm - house feels tight and sealed - the crew was terrific - polite, respectful of our property and most efficient - the whole project was beyond our expectation - we would... Read More

    Ken & Mari D., Danbury, WI
  • Recommend to Anybody and Everybody

    The guys were professional and hard working. They answered my questions as they worked, cleaned up and were a joy to deal with. As far as I can tell all my issues have been resolved. I would recommend them to anybody and everybody.

  • Quiet

    Only been 5 days, but love that I can't hear the traffic. Quiet.

    Nancy J. O., Cokato, MN
  • Big Difference

    Very impressed by their professionalism and friendliness, and how well the crew worked together. It was amazing how quickly they got the work done, especially given our quirky old house! We've noticed a big difference already in how much less the house heats up during the day. 

  • The Most Professional Experience I Have Had

    Your workers answered all my questions politely and professionally, even when I would have been frustrated with myself. The most professional experience I have had since moving to Minnesota. Thanks.

    Peter D. & Heather W., Morris, MN

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