The best insulation for existing homes

Our injection foam is a game-changer in retrofit insulation for existing homes.

Spray foam is an amazing material, but for many retrofit applications it just isn't a possibility. Re-insulating an existing wall becomes a lot easier with our innovative injection foam. In just one day our team can add major R-value to an entire home, leaving you more comfortable and saving you money on your utility bill.

With RetroFoam, we can fully insulate your walls without having to tear your house apart.

RetroFoam is designed to be injected into the walls of existing homes. As it is being injected, it is the consistency of shaving cream so it fills every corner of the cavity and around plumbing and electrical work. It solidifies immediately, but can later be drilled through or removed and replaced during future home improvement projects. RetroFoam can be installed by simply removing one course of siding whether its steel, vinyl, wood lap or even half log siding. Many homeowners and even contractors are unaware of the new injection retro-fit foam for existing buildings.

The benefits of foam, without the hassle.

  • High R-value insulation
  • Non-expanding material (not like the canned stuff)
  • Completely non-toxic and fireproof
  • Reduces noise in the home (sound-dampening)
  • Perfect for retrofitting and re-insulation
  • 1-day application

Unlike blown-in cellulose or fiberglass insulation, our injection foam will not settle over time. In addition to wall cavities, the material also works really well in concrete block foundations and cathedral ceilings.

This sounds like magic – how does injection foam work?

The key to understanding this special product is how it's mixed and applied. Our injection foam is a non-expanding composite of water based resin, foaming agent and pressurized air. We mix it on-site and mechanically inject it into your home's walls. The only steps we need to take to gain access to the insulation space are removing a strip of siding and drilling a series of small holes in the exterior wall. Once the injection foam is in place, we seamlessly plug the holes and replace the siding. Remember this is a non-expanding foam and will not blow out your walls. 

You can only get RetroFoam through a factory authorized installer.

RetroGreen Energy is central Minnesota’s exclusive RetroFoam installer and we are a top 5 installer nationwide! Compared to other types of insulation, RetroFoam is easier for a trained technician to install properly. This eliminates the possibility of faulty insulation due to poor installation which is common for fiberglass installations.

Call us today to schedule an assessment of your home for RetroFoam application. Our professional staff will discuss the full range of insulation options and help you achieve the home performance levels you want.

More facts about RetroFoam ...

  • It will not expand, lose shape, or lose effectiveness. What it will do is raise the structural durability of your home, adding strength and rigidity which will make it more durable over the years through extreme wind, rain, and snow. After insulation, RetroFoam is totally maintenance free and lasts for decades.
  • Even if you already have insulation, RetroFoam can be easily applied with that insulation to provide a more effective barrier. RetroFoam outperforms all other types of wall insulation, especially in extreme cold and wind. Fiberglass R-Values are based on laboratory conditions, not a real Minnesota climate. Also, unlike fiberglass insulation, RetroFoam is also water-, pest-, and fire-resistant.
  • RetroFoam insulation can be injected into the walls behind any type of exterior including stucco and masonry. RetroFoam isn’t just for homes with siding. We have retrofitted homes with masonry and stucco, patching the injection sites with no noticeable difference in color or texture. Some homeowners prefer we do our work from the inside, and that process is also simple, fast, and effective.
  • RetroFoam adds safety and value to your home because fires burn more slowly through RetroFoam-filled walls. RetroFoam foam insulation is a Class 1 nonflammable product. In the tragic event of a house fire, this extra time could be the difference between losing one or two walls and losing your whole house to a fire, and could also give the extra time needed to get everyone out safely!

Get the most innovative insulation on the market.

Talk to RetroGreen, the exclusive contractor in Central Minnesota!


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