Non-Expanding Wall Cavity Injectable Foam Insulation for Existing Homes and Buildings

Simply The Best Way to Re-Insulate Your House

RetroGreen Energy's method for adding wall insulation to existing homes is the most technologically advanced process available in our region. We can double your R-value in just 1 day, adding year-round comfort and significant energy savings. It's all based on the fundamentals of building science. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Recognizing the problem

Most of the existing structures in Onamia and Willmar have a wall insulation problem – old fiberglass batt insulation has settled and treated air is escaping into the great outdoors. We examine your home or building to see where this is happening. Or even worse many times we see that the insulation technology is worse than fiberglass and be be old horse hair, Settled cellulose, Balsom wood shavings...we've seen it all. The good news is many times the existing insulation is loose enough that our retro foam can be injected to stabilize and double the performance, or we can remove the insulation from walls with specialized twin turbo vacuum machines designed for this industry. 

Step 2: The application process

We remove a single strip of siding to expose the exterior of the building shell, then drill a small opening into each stud bay. This allows us to inject RetroFoam into the open wall spaces without ever setting foot inside your home. And NO!! this foam does not expand, infant it is already expanded before it goes into your walls. This chemical reaction is much different from the foam many people are familiar such as "Great Stuff" in the can. Those types of foam are petroleum based and are also classified as a exothermic reaction that expands and gives off heat. Our RetroFoam is a cold setting tripolymer foam that does not offgas, give off heat, or expand and blow off your sheetrock!

We inject RetroFoam all around the structure. RetroFoam is a game-changing foam insulation material that completely fills wall cavities, adds major R-value and lasts for many more years than traditional materials like blown in cellulose or fiberglass. Both of those fibrous materials tend to settle over time cause the performance to also be less. RetroFoam stays completely in place at the top of the wall where we need it. 

After capping the injection holes, we replace the strip of siding – leaving no visible changes to your structure. You'll notice the comfort and efficiency and the reduced sound in your house the same day. 

Simply The Best Way to Re-Insulate Any Building

Wall Cavity Foam insulation in Minnesota works just as well for brick, stucco walls as it does for homes with Vinyl, Seamless Steel, Cement Board, Half Log, or Half Log siding.

The only difference is that we drill smaller, 5/8" holes directly into the masonry for Retro Foam injection. After adding the foam, we fill the holes and repaint them with a custom-matched color. For stucco, we will also hand-grind the texture to completely match your exterior wall.

5/8" hole sare required for injection foam. Other products need much larger holes to install. 

You can't see our 5/8" holes after patching 

Foundation Insulation & Crawlspace encapsulation

A well-insulated lower level is a critical component to a complete thermal envelope.

Crawl Space with Vapor Barrier

Crawl Space

For crawlspace floors, we often recommend a reinforced plastic vapor barrier across the entire surface and partway up each wall, this stops unwanted moisture from entering your house and making your windows full of condensation. Also by trapping the moisture in the dirt this will dramatically reduce the risk for mold in the home and improve indoor air quality. We complete the job with spray foam around the walls to lock the vapor barrier in place.

Did you Know?

Many homes of  years past had vented crawlspaces. This was in effort to vent away the problem of ground moisture and was not the right solution. Like everything we do at RetroGreen Energy we actually get to the root of the issues and understand the science of the building to make sense of not just how, by why we fix things the way we do. 

Injection foam Block Wall

Block foundation wall Injection

For homes with basements or foundations that lack insulation we can inject Retro foam into the block cavities through a 5/8" hole. The foam fills all cracks and cavities within the block dramatically improving the R-value and thermal performance.

Did You Know?

The University of Minnesota did concluded research in 2015 on un-insulated foundation block in homes and found that up to 15% of energy can be wasted in un or poorly insulated foundations. Injecting the block foundation of homes can eliminate convection currents in the empty block walls that ultimately can create moisture and cold uncomfortable basements. 

Rim joist Air Sealed

Rim Joist

The rim joist is the border around your house between the first floor and basement or crawl space. Proper insulation and air sealing of the rim joist is crucial for reducing air leakage and heat loss as well as pest and rodent infiltration.

Did You Know?

The rim joist area is where the floor joists on the main floor of the house rest on the foundation. This is also the easiest spot for both air leakage and pest like mice and spiders to come into your home to make it their own home. To keep these unwanted pest out of your basement removing the existing fiberglass is a must, and replace with closed cell polyurethane spray foam to permanently seal out air and pest's. In fact it is now mandatory for all new homes built in Minnesota to have there rim joist insulated with spray foam insulation. 

RetroGreen is your best choice for wall and foundation insulation.

Choose a BPI-certified contractor for these important areas of your home. At RetroGreen, we apply building science to the job, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient for many years ahead. We are local and we care about the St. Cloud area. Call us today!

Wall and basement insulation is crucial for home comfort.

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