Spray foam does what other insulation materials can't.

Spray foam insulation is a real problem-solver. Homeowners benefit from this product's very high R-value, its ability to bond directly to bare wood and the way it molds itself around any obstacle. Spray foam is the perfect choice for any project that has an open wall, floor or ceiling cavity.

We sometimes call spray foam the Cadillac of insulation materials. It's that good. Like the car, however, it can be expensive – so if it's the right option for your home we will work with you on the most effective plan. As with all our insulation systems, our goal is to maximize your return on investment.

Professional application – the only way to use spray foam.

Getting help from a contractor like RetroGreen is essential for most retrofit insulation jobs, but that is especially true with spray foam insulation. Applying this space age material requires trained, professional hands. Here's what to expect:

  • Assessment of your attic, wall or crawl space for spray foam use
  • Scheduling the job – we'll look for a day when you can be away from your home for a full 24 hours
  • Job completion and clean-up
  • You return to your home and enjoy the instantly improved comfort!

The reason for the 24-hour waiting period is that spray foam produces off-gassing that can be harmful until the product has fully cured. We'll discuss this entire process with you in detail during the assessment phase.

All the benefits of spray foam, all with RetroGreen

  • Air sealing and insulation combined
  • Improved home comfort, instantly
  • Maximum R-value for true energy efficiency
  • Wide range of retrofit applications

In the right space, spray foam is simply the best choice to save you the most money and keep you comfortable all year long. We are experts with this material. Let us help you experience the benefits and turn your home into an energy performer!

Call RetroGreen today to schedule an assessment of your home for spray foam application!

Our injection foam is a game-changer in retrofit insulation for existing homes.

Spray foam is an amazing material, but for many retrofit applications it just isn't a possibility. Re-insulating an existing wall becomes a lot easier with our innovative injection foam. In just one day our team can add major R-value to an entire home, leaving you more comfortable and saving you money on your utility bill.

Trust your home to Central Minnesota's spray foam experts.

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Russell W.

The gentleman that came out to give us an estimate was very helpful in every way and was very understanding about what we wanted. I would recommend them to anyone that needs work done.

Russell W.
Alexandria, MN
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