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Insulation and Advanced Air Sealing/Draft Stop Specialists

RetroGreen Energy is Minnesota's specialty insulation contractor. We focus on using high performance insulation and building science to improve home performance and energy efficiency. We work on all types of exisiting buildings including homes, multi-unit residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial buildings.

Comfort, Energy Savings, Improved Indoor Air Quality

We retrofit existing buildings with an insulation system that keeps 72 degree air inside and Mother Nature’s air outside. We do this with energy auditing, RetroFoam injected insulation, spray foam insulation, blown cellulose insulation, Indow Windows and other services.

For Consumers, Community & Earth

We are valuable to consumers by providing an opportunity to save money on energy and improve indoor thermal comfort, with numerous other benefits.

We are valuable to the community through our participation in community organizations and also as a comfortable and rewarding workplace for our employees.

We are valuable to Earth by improving home and building efficiency and durability, which conserves fossil fuels and other resources.

Improved Comfort and Energy Savings Guaranteed

We are an independent, family-owned business who takes pride in our work, reputation, and relationships. We offer the highest quality home performance solutions that are guaranteed to improve comfort and lower utility bills.

Your house will be worth more and eaiser to sell if you Retro Fit Today!

Many people put off making energy efficienct upgrades becasue they want to pass the buck to the next guy... how foolish. According to the appraisers journal for every 1 dollar saved per year in energy projects you will gain $20 dollars in the value of the house. Ie. $ 500 annual savings= $10,000 increased property value and yes your house will be easier to sell now becuase it is more comforatable and safer than the rest of the market.  

Spray Foam

Spray foam does what other insulation materials can't. It's a real problem-solver. Homeowners benefit from this product's very high R-value, its ability to bond directly to bare wood and the way it molds itself around any obstacle. Spray foam is the perfect choice for any project that has an open wall, floor or ceiling cavity.

Attics and Crawlspaces

A complete thermal envelope separates every conditioned interior space of your home from outdoor and unconditioned spaces (such as your crawlspace and attic) with a layer of insulation. Every thermal envelope is different. RetroGreen Energy assigns a BPI-certified professional to design and define the ideal thermal envelope for every home.

  • RetroGreen Energy did a wonderful job preserving our siding and we have seen a dramatic decrease in our energy bills.

    Adam, Foley, MN
  • The gentleman that came out to give us an estimate was very helpful in every way and was very understanding about what we wanted. I would recommend them to anyone that needs work done.

    Russell W., Alexandria, MN
  • Very professional, on time, very informative about what he was going to do. Diagnosed the problem we had with heat loss. After the job was completed, kept in touch with us and explained what they had done.

    Ron K., Isle, MN
  • It was worth every penny! They were excellent. They were neat, nice, tidy and just a pleasure to have. Super nice people. They bent over backwards to meet our needs. I just can’t say enough. These guys are fabulous!

    Roxanne, St. Cloud, MN
  • Highly recommend this company. Quality work and FAST! Savanna, Sam & Ruth made the whole process easy and effortless. Thank you, thank you.

    Andrea R., Brainerd, MN
  • I would recommend RetroGreen Energy!

    Doug F., St. Cloud, MN
  • It was great working with you, Chris. Your staff did an exceptional job. We are very happy!

    Kathy W., Benson, MN

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